“It’s An Invaluable Ideas-fest For Any Franchisor
Who Wants To Grow Their Business FAST!

Watch the short video below to see how marketing maverick, John Dwyer, conducts this unique one-day workshop

Your Chance To Think Outside The Box…

With A Marketing Genius Who Works
With Jerry Seinfeld!

Get the key players involved in your business to pull apart your marketing thinking and plans for the future by getting face to face with one of the world’s leading marketing geniuses.

John Dwyer (known as “JD” by colleagues & clients) is Australia’s No. 1 expert at “direct-response” marketing, helping some of the biggest brands in the nation catapult their sales to new levels.

He’s also the guy who Jerry Seinfeld trusted his brand to in recent years, when John scored the superstar as spokesman for a banking client.

Imagine unleashing the marketing brain behind more than $14 billion in sales on your business!

Instantly Benefit From The Following:

  • Get clarity on your target audience
  • Identify your most profitable customers
  • Find ‘Quick Wins’
  • Develop ‘till ringing’ campaigns on the spot
  • Develop world Class customer retention strategies
  • And so much more in just 1 day with a “marketing genius!”
After knowing, and working with JD for a number of years now, we decided that the timing was right to give franchisors clear and fast access to his unique way of thinking, so implementation can be instant – and franchise marketing won’t look the same from this moment on!
Glenn Walford, Founder Franchise Buyer


A one day “intensive” workshop with JD where you can involve your team members & experience a massive “marketing electric shock” for your business!

Watch JD work at “light-speed” to help you create powerful marketing ideas for your products or services.

Imagine the benefits of getting your key people in a room and flushing out great ideas that under normal circumstances, would probably never surface.

JD boasts many years of marketing strategy consulting across thousands of businesses of all sizes.

And he says “it’s clear that nothing works better than getting the right people in a room for a day and thrashing out their best practice marketing approaches. I’ve seen game-changing ideas evolve at such workshops, ideas that have provided businesses with a fresh client attraction approach that otherwise would’ve never been considered.”

It’s a 1 Day Phenomena!

Such one-day workshops sometimes result in adjustments to what a franchisor is doing, other times such brainstorms result in completely overhauling the current activity.

After a whole day together, JD presents you with a detailed report containing fresh ideas, new approaches, and an enhanced marketing roadmap to attack the marketplace with a new perspective!

For the most part, your marketing professionals aren’t ‘wrong’ as such, they have simply become a bit used to the way they have always done things. Probably the same, or very similar promotions and activities year on year, happen in your business.

Who knows, maybe the current or recent promotion was basically the same for as long as you can remember.

In franchising, you are also supposed to be the ‘marketing guru’ for your franchisees – that’s a lot of responsibility.

The objective of this 1 Day Sales Rejuvenator Workshop with JD is to inject some “new marketing adrenaline” into your promotional strategies, ideas that will assist you to:

  1. Attract more franchisees
  2. Provide current franchisees with powerful (mostly “proven”) client-attraction concepts!

“John’s Unique Marketing System Has Helped
These Businesses Attract More Customers!

“We’ve Walked Away With Clarity & An Incredible
Marketing Roadmap – All Done In A Day!”

See how this business had its 3 senior executives at “JD’s One-Day Workshop” (called a Sales Rejuvenator Day at the time), so that the whole team could be involved in creating the new, energized marketing game-plan for the company.

Here’s How The Day Goes!

In this 1 day “intensive,” JD acts as facilitator and ringmaster for a workshop involving as many participants as you want (normally senior management).

The day is broken up into 3 sections:

  • JD’s Wow Healthcheck
  • JD’s Wow Sales Rejuvenator Prescription
  • The “Action-Plan” final hour

The objective is to craft both short-term and longer-term marketing strategies, so that you can enjoy both “quick-wins” over the first 90 days and a more holistic 12 month marketing roadmap.

JD’s aim is for you to walk away from the day with a 90 day “adrenaline-charged” customer attraction plan, plus the “essentials” of a longer-term, 12 month marketing direction.


The overall tone of the day is a sensible mixture of scientific analysis and creativity. The day will NOT be a smorgasbord of “wishy washy, pie-in-the-sky ideas.”

Rather, JD will keep the discussions “disciplined and focused,” so that you end up with a “franchisee attraction plan” & a “client attraction plan” for your franchisees, based on logic and commonsense.

JD comes armed with “proven marketing systems,” so rather than waste time on “blue-sky discussion-fests,” he encourages you to let him propose the solutions to your sales challenges and then invite your team’s thoughts on these.

9 am till noon: The Wow Health Check
JD’s “Health Check” on your sales and marketing tactics, both online and offline. Be ready for some friendly interrogation on things like:

  • Marketing Budget
  • Current tactics for attracting enquiries for franchises
  • Research
  • Brand Persona
  • Previous marketing campaigns and results? (Would be great for you to have plenty of samples of marketing collateral etc.)
  • Competitors
  • Uniqueness of products or services
  • SWOT analysis
  • Current marketing tactics
  • Pricing compared to competitors
  • Who in your business is responsible for sales and marketing?
  • Website analysis (does it sell or inform?)
  • Is there a marketing plan in place at the moment to help franchisees attract more clients?

Throughout the Sales Rejuvenator Day, JD sketches up suggestions for new website pages, direct mailers, brochures & other advertising collateral. Make no mistake, this is a brainstorm meeting ON STEROIDS!

Noon till 1 pm: LUNCH
2 pm to 4 pm: The Wow Sales Rejuvenator Prescription

After gaining sufficient insight into your business’s structure and offerings, JD moves into “the idea-ation” stage of the day, providing you with marketing ideas for discussion.

This period of the day is devoted to JD proposing his recommendations for attracting new clients and extra sales over the next 90 days & beyond.

So it’s like going to the doctor’s surgery and getting an instant diagnosis and prescription.

Imagine having little marketing direction or client attraction ideas one day and then within 24 hours, having a clear, concise 90 Day Marketing Plan and 12 Month Draft Client Attraction Roadmap!

Or imagine having one of the best marketing brains in the world “critique” your current plan ON THE SPOT! (As the Mastercard ad says……..”PRICELESS!”)

JD is unique in the world in that he can provide such “an instant analysis and solutions package” to any company’s revenue challenges.

Ask yourself if you know of any other marketing resource that can provide such extraordinary value in just 8 hours? An advertising agency would take a month to consider a branding tagline, let alone a buffet of client attraction marketing options!

4 pm to 5 pm: The “Action-Plan” Hour!

After an invigorating day of workshopping how JD’s marketing formula can dramatically stimulate revenue for your business, now’s the time to ensure that your valuable marketing roadmap doesn’t get “filed for future reference”.

In other words, NOW IS THE TIME TO COMMIT TO ACTION AND ENSURE THAT “the rubber hits the road!”

In his final hour, JD helps you to:

  • Itemise the “To-Do’s” for the initial 90 Day Wow Sales Rejuvenator Program
  • Establish the objectives and responsibilities for the next 90 days (ie: Who does “what” and by what dates?)
  • Commit to a realistic timeframe of achieving objectives.
  • Take fast action and start attracting an avalanche of new, profitable clients!

So the expected “outcomes” from “The Wow Sales Rejuvenator Day” with JD are:

  • A “quick-start” 90 Day Marketing Plan based on JD’s “Client/Franchisee Attraction Formula”.
  • A clear definition of your company’s “brand personality” and therefore clarity in “the tone” of your communications to both prospective franchisees & consumers.
  • A draft 12 Month Marketing Roadmap – one with “wow!”

Your Investment

When you consider the “break-even” analysis for this 1 Day Ideas Workshop, it must
be the most insanely cost-effective investment you’ve ever made.

Airfares & accommodation additional if needed

Enquiries & Bookings

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